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Production and Engineering Services:
I'm known for being able to make clients feel confident in both me, and in themselves, which is vital to capturing a good performance. I am experienced in providing expert production services, including composition, arranging, artist development, pre-production and post-production, and other production duties that are typical of a producer's roll before, during and after a recording session. Production and engineering services can vary, client's needs may vary, and for that reason production and engineering service fees are often quoted dependent upon the needs and scope of the project. Because every project is different my rates are quoted on a per project basis. For information on specific production and engineering services and their rates please contact me.

Production and Engineering Policy:
I have a 2 hour minimum. Day rates are for a 10 hour day. My rate per hour or per day is for my services functioning as the music producer and/or audio engineer, and may also include services performed at my "MSI" studio facility. My fees do not include any outside studio's hourly or block rates. I have a good working relationship with several facilities and can negotiate block rates with the respective studio owners. Block rate discounts are available based on the amount of time committed per booking. "Per Booking" means the client has committed to specific date(s) and time(s), at the rates appropriate for the total amount of time being booked. Block rates for more than 40 hours are negotiable.
Clients may choose to to hire me to produce and engineer, or strictly for engineering, and may utilize outside production services, or self-produce their project, in which case self production duties and responsibilities will rest solely on the client, and my rates will be quoted accordingly. Again, for specific rates please contact me.

Mastering sessions are done at my personal "MSI" studio, and these are typically un-attended sessions. Mastering rates are also quoted on a per project basis.

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