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Press and Quotations :

"9 is the fastest and heaviest album Mercyful Fate have done since their reunion, featuring some of the more memorable choruses, too. The presentation is nearly perfect too, featuring some riveting art by the same guy who did the original two Fate albums, and a stellar production job by Kol Marshall and the band."

-Daniel Hinds

"House Of God has to be the most "Fate" influenced King Diamond album since "Fatal Portrait". It's one of the roughest sounding Diamond opus thanks to Kol Marshall helping to squeeze some new life into both Diamond and Fate."

"Kol Marshall is the best producer we've ever worked with! He knows his stuff, he helps us here and there and doesn't act like he's the leader or whatever. It's really great working with him!"
-King Diamond
(Metal Realm interview after release of "Abigail Part II The Revenge")
"Necronemesis was recorded in Texas with producer Kol Marshall...We really liked Kol's production work...We worked for 10 days straight 12-14 hours a day on this album. The experience was terrific. Kol was great to work with...Over all it was not only the best recording we ever had, but it was also the best studio experience we ever had."
-Rick Scythe of Usurper (
"Kol Marshall who had worked on the album ("Tara") is definitely the best engineer we've worked with as far as being with Absu...We have worked with Kol Marshall in the past for the Iron Maiden tribute album on Dwell Records ("Transylvania"), as well as the last CD, "In The Eyes of Ioldánach." He is very proficient when it comes to recording engineering and his skills are completely clever."
-Prosciptor McGovern of Absu (
"Kol Marshall was our producer, and he had worked on the last few Mercyful Fate & King Diamond albums. He knew exactly what we were looking for in a sound and we all worked great together."
-Jon Necromancer of Usurper (Agonia Magazine)
"Kol Marshall is an incredible producer. He really pushed us to perform at maximum velocity."
-Rick Scythe of Usurper (

"The sound and engineering is courtesy of Kol Marshall, and it's fabulous."

-Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck upon review of "Sketches From The Thought Chamber" by guitarist Michael Harris

"Bob Clearmountain, Godfrey Diamond, Michael Barbiero, Michael Delugg, Harvey Goldberg, Joe Ferla, Jeff Lesser, Alec Head, Bill Stein, Ron Saint Germain, Michael Brauer, Don Wershba, Ed Stasium, Gregg Mann, Carl Beatty, Kol
, Lincoln Clapp, Joe Jorgensen, Alan Varner, Doug Epstein, Liz Saron, Trudy Schroder, Ramona Janquitto, Ron Dante, Charlie Calello, Tony Bongiovi—
these are just some of the names that became the nucleus of Mediasound."

-MIX MAGAZINE October, 2005 (pdf full article here)

"My goal is to bring out the best performance...what makes the band unique unto themselves. I try to capture their sound and their personality as one"


"To really succeed in anything you're doing you have to give yourself to it 100%. Do anything that it takes to make it happen or keep it going."

-Kol Marshall, "Marshall Law" interview in Midwest Metal Magazine (Issue #22 2000 A.D.)

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